Fottorama Slide

Display Instagram photos live at your event.


Capture by hashtag

Guests post photos on Instagram and they are displayed in real time.

Custom logo

Customize the screen with your logo or your customer's logo.

Filter and control

Don't let unwanted photos to be shown. Control it from wherever your are.

Show subtitles

Choose to show or not the subtitle writen by the guest while posting.

Insert images

Custom images can be displayed between photos, such as ads, warnings etc.

Background color

Change the background color the way it fits better in the slideshow layout.

Plans & Pricing

A fair pricing policy for beginners and leaders

2 weeks
1 month
6 months
12 months
  • 2 licenses for simultaneous access (Windows, iOS or Android);
  • Cancel any time. Renew only if you need it;
  • Every 2 new licenses for half the price;
  • We don't charge for updates. You'll be always up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a very good Internet connection?
Is it possible to run tests before the event?
How does the moderation work?
Are photos from private profiles also displayed?
Is content from the Stories displayed?
What about videos?

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